105 in a 70 zone… :gears (and no ticket :D)


Lucky fugger :fu


try to be careful!


How???..What did the cop say?



:rofl :rofl :smiley: :lol :dunno


yea, bacon’s right you know- that is the only way out of that one


Re: RE: woohoo

there were no cops :banana


then why did you title it like you got pulled over for that speed?


i would have also stated how much the ticket was if i got one :smiley:


but you got out of it?


there wasnt any cops around… do you think i would do 35 over the speed limit with a cop around???

hell no… :smiley:


Ya know, it amazes me to this day how many speeding tickets I have gotten out of. I think its just luck b/c of where I work at. Most of the city cops and sherriffs have seen me before where I work at and remember me and just let me go. I, honeslty, haven’t gotten a ticket in probably 5-6 years! Thats pretty damn good, if I do say so myself!


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:booze drinkin buddies more like it :smiley:


i dont speed b/c i worry about my tint getting me another ticket lol


Re: RE: woohoo



Its be about 10 years for me. Cost me about $95.


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yea i used to try to keep it slower because of mine and everything else illegal on my car :gears

atlantic is your winshield tinted too???


This has got to be the gayest post evaa :gay


We did not need to know that for a gay boy like you


yea the whole fornt is 20% with a 6" 2% strip across top. i have a 6" blackout in the rear.