At the end of 2003 I was laid off, then almost immediately found out I was preggo. That made finding a job VERY hard. Then after I had Casey, my old job called me back on a short term part time status. That was to end next week. I’ve been on umpteen million interviews and was about at my wits end.

BUT I FOUND A JOB!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! :banana :banana

And not just any job, but a well paying job…in a company with excellent benefits!! Its a life insurance company so they are not going anywhere anytime too soon!!

Just wanted to share my enthusiasum!!!


Congrats! Im in the process of finding a good summer internship. Theres a decent chance i can go back to where i worked last summer/fall, but they are have legal issues with a former employee that i kinda took the place of. Im supposed to find out shortly if the job is mine again.


congrats I have another 2 years 8 months of military life then I get to go find a job hopefully I shouldn’t be looking too long since I already asked around at a few police stations and they said I’d get hired right up being prior military


GL to the both of you. Let me tell ya its rough out there!!!


:banana :banana :banana :banana :banana
:rock :rock :rock :rock :rock





Congrats on the job now all you have to do is make another baby :hump

Want help?



[quote=RedStangGT2000]Congrats on the job now all you have to do is make another baby :hump

Want help?[/quote]

No help required for there will be

[size=7][/size]NO MORE BABIES!!!


I read that and thought, you’re spaghetti sauce? :dunno

Congrats on the job, I just got yet another raise at mine. Just wish I could actually get 40 hours a week now.