Woot got me a job


Well i got my call yesterday, the new lowes here in bristol called me for an interview. So im like, well kool. So i go up there thinking im going for the flooring dept.(not a good one to be in), thinking $7.00 an hr. Well i get up there an i have to do this stupid azz test to see if ive ever stole anything, or why i want to work for lowes, or if i ever fucked any animals live or dead…lol Well after those 51 questions, i had 5 interviews, one right after the other. Im thinking “damn, thank god im not going to work for the government or sumthin like that” after those 5 interviews, on the last interview i found out what im gonna be doing an how much ill be making. Well im still in shock…asst.dept.manager in electrical (what i wanted in the first place), starting at $11.00 an hour. well thanks all you guys for wishing me luck from a while back…i needed it :rock :rock :banana :banana

Now mabey i can make purchase of teh snake… :gears


good deal man. congrates on the new job


Pimpalicious homes! You make more than me. :banana


You work at lowes james?


:cool awesome playa


Re: RE: Woot got me a job…

I applied, but no… I work for my dad.


O ok thas kool


hey congrats man. what exactly will you be doing in electrical besides being one of the managers in the department. like what does the job entail.