man work has changed a little this week… or a lot! today one of my friends that bags gorceries with me got fired. he was talking to another bagger and a customer walked by and heard him say a cuss word in conversation… customer told manager, manager told bagger friend he was fired :wtf

i was shocked to say the least.

and i got “promoted” it has been just over 6 months at publix bagging groceries 25-30 hours a week to have my car and all and i finely got “promoted” to cashier :banana this means they must trust me. i get to handle money and talk more with customers and all. it is much easier than bagging. but i only work half my shifts as a cashier and the other half as bagger. they do that so i dont get a 75 cent raise :wtf i want a raise! we get them every april and october… o well, just filling yall in on my work life :blah


well go for the glory huck


I got a promotion today too!!! Congratulations!


i only plan on working here until im done with college. but the pay is good and the environment is cool. i want to go into business, maybe internet sales? who knows. i think the future is in internet sales though.


well good luck…I’m drunk again


That’s cool on the promotion, but no raise? That’s shitty.

I’ve had a 1.33 raise in 10 months of working at Ingram. Too bad I hardly get my hours… I worked for TWO hours today. lol

Oh well, I used 6 hours of vacation time to cover it… but I really need a job that I can get a guaranteed 40 hrs a week.


i wish i got more hours during summer but all the summer job people take my hours. at least i can put on my resume that i bagged groceries and was promoted to cashier- my next employer will think im trust-worthy.