Would Jesus condemn or condone Yahweh for his crimes against humanity?


Would Jesus condemn or condone Yahweh for his crimes against humanity?

I see more than one Jesus speaking through the bible. The good Jesus would likely condemn while the less moral and good Jesus that most follow might not. A number of his policies have been found wanting, — in moral terms.

Dogma says that Jesus ascended to heaven and his rightful place as judge of the universe at Yahweh’s right hand. The pure hand says tradition.

Would Jesus dethrone Yahweh for the insane genocidal example he shows for a god, or would Jesus somehow justify what Yahweh, and himself to Trinitarians, did?

Would Jesus say that genocide was good?

Heaven forbid.

Condemn or Condone?

I say Jesus would condemn Yahweh.

What say you my moral friends?



Likely condemn. It’s what happens when you have a god with 3 personalities


That is the correct moral position regardless of the 3 in 1 god.



3 in 1 God. Sounds like the worst scam ever. Also what happens when you give an omnipotent deity split personalities


You end with a genocidal son murdering prick for a god.



Aye, and one who defies common logic to boot!


Martin Luther
“Faith must trample under foot all reason, sense, and understanding.”
“Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has.”

Christianity is one sick puppy.



Martin Luther is an overrated cunt. He’s a worse version of Jan Hus


He must have not been that bad because the Christians think he was and burned him at the steak.

He could not have been as bad as the first few early popes.

I say that just as a general remark as I have no ide as to his exact policies.

Do you know why he was put to the torch, specifically?



That is true. The first popes were shit. Jan Hus was put to the torch because he threatened the Hapsburg’s power structure


A shit religion led by a shit Pope is not surprising at all.

Have you noted how quiet the forum is getting?

I have here and elsewhere as the numbers of non-believers grows and the religious apologists shrinks.

It is bad enough that I had to seek discussions and debates elsewhere.



Aye, indeed the site as a whole has shrunk. Lots of us have moved over to better-maintained communities on Reddit and Discord


I dislike the Reddit platform and Discord has no real religion forum that I know of.

I find decent activity at some of the Disgus sites but they are funny. One has banned me, a main one unfortunately, and another can’t get enough of me and even made me a moderator.

I have been more or less ignoring many of my older haunts lately as some are getting stale.

Strange how in a world of 7 billion, so few care about religion even though most claim to be in one.

Oh well.