Would you prefer to have HIV or HERPES?


My friend and I were talking and I mean the medical advances in HIV are amazing, and they both equally end your sex life (as much as you want it to).

With HIV you get free medical and food assistance and you can be a public speaker.

With Herpes you are just a slut and a social pariah.

So which would you rather?


Someone add a 3rd option NONE OF THE ABOVE!


come on - just play


I’ll play. If I absolutely could not avoid getting one or the other, I’d rather have HIV. It could possibly never develop to AIDS and then I wouldn’t have sores…


But there is the possibility that it could fuck gambling…


Huh? I did not get that at all…


You chose HIV on the possibility that it could never develop into AIDS, and I said that’s a gamble.


But if you get herpes, aren’t you guaranteed to have sores and whatnot?

I’d think you could safe guard against HIV better than herpes, because if parts even touch each other and there’s herpes, it’s transferred.


Well technically I never picked one or the other i was just sayin…


I think you should pick so my poor lonely vote isn’t sitting up there all by itself!


im more of a syphillis man myself


you see - great debate!


You have to vote too you know!

Don’t leave me hanging people!!!


depends if its the good aids or the bad aids


I’d rather drive an HGV. I’ve never even heard of the other form of transport


Ok, someone educate me… What’s an HGV?


Heavy Goods Vehicle

A lorry

It was lame and I regret it now


I’ll pass.


I can’t believe HIV is winning…but then again I can!


i voted and i chose HIV

you can have HIV and never show any signs or symptoms of being sick and as long as you practice safe sex you will not pass it on

with herpes you can still pass the virus around even if you are not currently having an outbreak