Would you prefer to have HIV or HERPES?


[quote=“JanieDough, post: 1136882”]ugh herpes is winning? LAME![/QUOTE]You just chose Herpes. So how can you say it is lame that more people are choosing it?


you die from both right?


HIV nor Herpes necessarily means death of anything except your sex life


HIV for sure. Sores… no thanks. :thumbdown


[quote=“JanieDough, post: 1136885”]no
HIV nor Herpes necessarily means death of anything except your sex life[/QUOTE]
Id say the chances of dying from HIV progression to AIDS is way more porbable than dying from herpes


shhh :ninja


well I spelled probable wrong so maybe they will miss it lol




The fact some people on this thread claim they would rather have HIV over hsv2 is ridiculous. Ask any doctor which one is a more major health concern and they will tell you HIV. The lack of education in this debate is outrageous. With HIV in most states you legally have to disclose the fact you have it which you don’t legally with herpes. With HIV you have a far smaller pool of people to choose from for potential partners verses the more common less worrisome herpes. Most people with herpes don’t know they have it because in many people it shows no symptoms. Herpes is never life threatening but HIV is, plus most people with herpes will never take medication for it a day in their life but with HIV you need to, herpes can be summarized as a skin condition if it even presents itself at all but HIV is an autoimmune disease which will likely make your immune system weaker regardless of medication. The only bad part about herpes is the stigma from society and I can guarantee you maybe all but one people who voted for HIV have hsv1 regardless of if they know it. My vote is with the people with a brain in their head, herpes.


Herpes is actually ridiculously common and most forms aren’t really that dangerous