Just wow. Seems like everyone is having a bad start of the week. Poor Boom, hang tough man. I feel the same way about my job as you do about yours. Only my problem is I work for my dad. I just got bitched out yesterday because I’m not a good salesman. He wants me to step it up next year, but everytime I’ve tried I’ve been shot down. I did try to be a good ‘rep’ and sell a customer an ESI to replace their Piece of shit Partner, and I even asked him to put a bid together for it.

Does he do it? nope. And I’m the bad guy.

Two weeks ago I was sent out to a guys’ office where he’s set up his HQ while running for mayor. I get there and it’s a WIN.

  1. it’s improperly set up.
  2. the lines are fucked up.
  3. the phones are fucked up.
  4. the cards are in teh wrong slots, but I didn’t know this since I AM NOT TRAINED ON THESE SYSTEMS as far as setting them up and building them.

Remember my “My day of driving” post in the picture lounge? That was that day that I didn’t get home until 6 pm.

I get back to work 2 days later, and bobby lays into me about how I fucked it all up and I left the customer hanging.


a. had the customer not been a fucking BITCH, I would have cared.
b. had Kathy and Jeremy sent BOBBY back out to finish the fuckup he started it would have been fine.
c. I had a really, really fucking boring day that day driving back and forth and I was already pissed that I had to go finish Bobby’s bullshit, and then I call him for advice that day at 3:55 and they’re sitting in the office fucking DRINKING.
d. I’m sick of always having to finish what he starts, because it seems as though anything and everything I do is never up to fucking par with his Godlike persona and ‘workmanship’ bullshit.

Then Bobby bitches me out because he had to go upgrade an ESI since I’m not trustworthy after not doing a WIN up to par with him.

Make sense? I could install and program an ESI (with no wire runs and I don’t hit any snags…) in under an hour.

Fuck WIN. Then I had to take this stupid fucking WIN test without ever being able to study for it or even have the slightest inkling of knowledge on the shit I NEVER MESSED WITH.

Fuck if I know how many PRI/T1 slots and channels can be held on a WIN 440CT, fuck if I know what a UBOX can do simultaneously. I NEVER MESSED WITH THAT STUFF. Jeremy always took those jobs.

They want me to learn it, but they never take the fucking time to teach it to me, they just run off and do it then expect me to do it as well as them. They want me to ask questions, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to be asking! If I ask a question it’s a dumb one and it’s irrelevant, if I ask a smart question I get a joke from it. It’s never-fucking-ending.

Then when I call in for tech advice they jump my ass because I’m asking questions, an hour after they said call us if you need any help.

It’s fucking bullshit. Your job may suck, but Christ. Try being me and working for my AA personality father and brother.

I need to get back in college. I want to do something else other than be subpar for the rest of my pathetic career life.


Dang…sorry to both of you Boomer & James & whoever had a bad start

Aww, that sucks. A lot of people as of recently seem to hate their jobs. Keep your eyes open. Something may come up that’s better for you.

Isn’t there any good literature on the WIN system that you can take and learn on your own? Are you completely dependant on your father/brother for this info?

If I was allowed on the server, then sure. I could wade through the millions of files and programming information to find it all. But if I asked for the server password they’d ask why and then I’d be sitting in the office all night reading information.

We don’t sell WIN anymore, 3 years ago I could build it and program it well, but the company cut us off because we were looking at other vendors namely ESI and Comdial. So we stopped selling their POS systems. You should see our wall of bad systems and cards we’ve replaced with ESI’s in the storage room. They’re junk.

I signed up for this job to do general labor - wiring, jacks, etc, and to install ESI’s. I’ve never fucked up an ESI, and I’m very proficient at them.

So to answer your slightly sarcastic question, no I’m not completely dependant. I told them I hate troubleshooting old systems that I wasn’t there for to install. They know this, but continue giving the system installs to bobby and giving me shit that he is better at doing.

I was told, don’t be afraid to make a mistake - but anytime I do unknowingly I get bitched out for it.

Think about it like this Tim. If you’re 16 and never had a job before, you wander into arby’s, apply, and get the job. What exactly would you do if your managers just said, ok here’s backline. Now make a Reuben marketfresh sandwich? Would you be able to make one correctly in a timely manner? Sorry, but no you wouldn’t.

It’s the same principle - I need to be taught the correct way to do it, and when I need advice I want the advice, not the sarcasm and the general worthless undertone that comes back to me from my brother.

I was taught the correct way to install an ESI, and how to program it came from messing with it. I’m not going to take home an entire 50 lb win cabinet with all the cards and phones to play with it. I don’t have time for that.

Thanks James. Sorry yer having a bad one too man.

Wasn’t meant as sarcasm, just wondering if you were able to read up on it so you don’t have to rely on them since they seem to be unrelyable when it comes to giving you the correct info.

I know how much I hate relying on other people to give me the right information to complete a job. When I was on the job learning something new, I was the PAIN in the ass that never quit asking the questions. I wasn’t satisfied with being told to do something and not knowing why it was being done that certain way. It would be the same if someone was showing you how to replace a starter in a car and told you to remove the battery connection first, but wasn’t willing to tell you the reason behind it. That whole “do as your told and don’t worry why you are doing it attitude” Never could stand working with someone like that. When I was stuck with someone like that I would do everything I could to learn it on my own.

I just wish I was inquisitive or even had a slight insight to what I’d be asking about. I’m not a questioning type of person, I rarely question things unless I’ve been thinking about the possibilities and need some answers.

this fucking day sucks…a 15 minute job just lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes because of these assholes not being where they were suppose to…so I got off work an hour and a 1/2 late…now I wouldn’t have a problem with this if I actually got over time pay but no matter how many hours I put in, in a weeks work I get paid the same and every week I put in over 40 hours…