Write to a soldier


found this in one of Dane Cook’s blogs over on MySpace.com of all places. its a legit site where you can write to soldiers serving in any of the armed services. thought id post it here as it seems like a cool thing to do.

I wrote to my husband while he was in Iraq. It means a lot to them. Depending on the grade and where I teach, I want my class to write letters to at least one if not more of them.

And don’t forget the other site, AnyMarine.com We had a guy in our shop getting mail from them about every other week, and it was great! It really does mean a lot, even if it’s just a letter saying hi and be safe.

when sailors are on deployment getting letters and packages are the things we look forward to the most…

I sent Brice an electronic hand-held Wac-A-Mole game and some homemade chocolate-dipped pretzels. I don’t think he had ever been so excited. I also make sure I sit down for at least 20 minutes a day just to write a little letter to him, and some of my friends also give me written letters and cards to send to him, so at the end of the week I send out a fat-ass package of stuff. He cries nearly every time he calls me after receiving it. He said there’s nothing more comforting and motivating than a good ol fashioned, hand-written letter from home to remind him that he hasn’t been forgotten about or pushed aside, and that we are still here supporting him every step of the way. I miss my sweetness.