WTF dt3


Dude you got way to much time on your hands… :dunno

Total Games Played: 4,909 Games.

Total Trophies: 33

Hall Of Fame Member: Yes

Last Game Played: Mini Putt 3 In Parent Mode On Wed Sep 14, 2005 12:01 pm.

Time: I’ve Spent 71 Hours, 26 Mins. & 16 Secs. Of My Life Playing Games Here!


Good Lord!!!
Thats a dedicated player right there!


Damn dude!


My job is boring, and me and out91502 are always talking shit to each other and taking each others trophies. But you’re right, I had no idea it was that much time!


Im glad it doesnt show how much time i post :rofl


Project Mayhem has played 50 hours less than me, but has over 2000 more games played than me. I guess she just gets the most out of her time.


She plays short games i guess