Wtf happened to the boards?


I leave for an hour, come back, and everything is all crazy on the site.?.?.?.?

are you playing around with the boards joe??


i answered my own question by reading the thread about “new backrounds for offtopicz”…



Im not doing anything! Alice has taken over!


Love the new look!!!




fuck that bitch I will pour water on her or something



maybe i will have to get use to it, but i don’t like it… things don’t stand out like they use to.


Alice is pure evil. I think she’s siding with the Canadians.


still feeling pretty good i see… :rock :rock


well I just woke up about an hour ago and had some liquid codine for breakfast


Alice is pure evil. I think she’s siding with the Canadians.[/quote]

speaking of canadians, i found this on another forum… it has a bunch of funny videos and one has something to do with canada :dunno


canadians are funny little people


I liked it alot better the other way lol


change can be bad…it takes the weak a little longer to adapt and over come


I didnt like mustangforums new look (a year or so ago when it changed) either but it grew on me after a few weeks.

I’ll do whatever’s best for everyone, just thought a new look would be nice.


but you got rid of the logo


i like the old one better - it was cleaner, and easier to read i think.


I’m a fan of the old set-up too, but I’m resistant to change, so take that with a grain of salt. :lol

On a side note though, is it slowing things down? My system seems to be lagging on the new site. :dunno


joe your not getting a lot of takers on the new set up


I dunno what you guys are talkin aboot??? :booze

Looks the same to me :smiley: