WTF is up with Food Network


I justv wrote this in my blog… I thought I’d post it here

I love Food Network but for the longest time they were lacking in ethnic shows until they premiered Down Home with the Neely’s, and I’ve yet to see them bring another asian show back like East Meets West & Ming’s Quest. I mean wtf is up with that? Asian folks must be scratching their heads… I remember when Food Network first came to my local cable line up, they had a lot of variety, now every show seems to be the same format.

Get with it Food Network, stop repeating FN Challnges every night, there’s gotta be other avenues food foodie game shows other than mini Iron Chef style competitions. I was so hyped when I heard they were bringing the idea of ‘Myth Smashers’ from Good Eats to a Show called Food Detectives and I watched it and I was left parched. It’s so unpalettable to me I forgot Ted Allen’s name and had to Google it just now. I’m sure Alton Brown turned it down or had other commitments but it’s just not as quarky and fun as I think it could be. I just needed to gripe about this for a minute, and I’m sure there are a lot more people who agree with me on this…


i agree Dana, but what kind of food shows would you want to see?
do you want recipes or do you want documentaries?
I think alot of what the food network is just re-hashed shows, but there is only so much of the food network one can take…I really enjoy watching diners, drive ins and dives, but Guy makes me feel ill when he takes a monster bite out of some sandwich (he over stuffs his face and he thinks its funny)


I think they should have documentaries more often. Maybe a weekend documentary showcase on a specific food topic? Show line ups that focus on different ethnic cuisines. I like Diners, Drive In’s and Dives aswell, and Ace Of Cakes. I like watching Good Eats. When Alton Brown did his feasting on Asphalt series, I tried to catch every episode.


Alton Brown is amazing how he incorporates history with actual awesome recipes. always fun to hear him do specials…did you see when he went to Jamaica?


yes i did. I need to find a good download of the Feasting documentaries.