I’d rather eat a glass smoothie then get caught driving in that thing :think


hELL YEAH, id rather be caught riding in one of these


i dont think its that bad for a station wagon


it is like a mix b/w a vette and a beemer?


I’d poop on the hood


thats like pooping on a vette! id definitely key the fucker so bad and cut it right down the middle where he had the bodies joined up. the owner would be pissed if he came out and his car was split down the middle. lol


poop under the handle too


Thats made by a company that specializes in turning nice cars into shitty ones…I mean station wagons. I saw a Porsche 911 turbo station wagon by them, ugly as fuck. Basically you buy a nice car, then pay them a lot of money to fuck it up.


Hmmm. It’s not that bad.


Re: RE: wtf

Of course, you would think so!


i dont think the ferarri one is that bad either - look at the thread… some of the others are real ugly thuogh. the third post on that thread, in the link - fuuuugly…
though the twin super chargers look kinda cool - never seen that before


it sucks and I don’t like it


I like it, except the flip up headlights… even though on C5s and TAs I like… :dunno


So… it’s like a 200 m.p.h. station wagon? WTF were they thinking?