After working all night and getting a few hours of sleep-- I come back on here and see that I got 4 (FOUR) trophys ganked from me last night!! WHy are yall picking on me?? lol :lol


i didnt take any. i thought i was good at the new medieval game but damn bob ganked my trophy- o shiz!


I sorry :frowning:
But, if its any consolation, it took me all day and all night to beat that score in Looney Mahjong. I was bout ready to give up.


atleast u still have 3


man, ive been away a while, and i lost 8 trophies!.. and lots o’ new games… times to get’a crackin


fugger don’t crack me…lol


Re: RE: WTF!!!


Re: RE: WTF!!!

:funnah Now that is HOT stuff! :lol