Yay i got a new phone!/what is your ringtone?

sorry i didnt want to make a thread called yay i got a new phone, i need to stop making threads about myself all the time…so what is your ringtone? My brother works for sprint and he hooked me up with this phone for free and the plan is only $15/mo for 500 min. yay for the family discount :smiley:
the phone is an LG Fusic, its shiny :slight_smile:

yeah so i was thinking of using Foreigner’s “Urgent” as my ringtone…but theres so many options and i jsut cant decide!

For anyone who wants my #, PM me with yours and i will reply with my new one :-p

i have a custom ringtone on my phone. ithe ringtone is from a song called So Damn Tough by Pimpadelic. you probably have never heard of em…

i like anything generic that doesnt sound like crap, as verizon wireless is want to do so we’ll want to buy their good ring tones/tunes

Wonderwall by Oasis

rinnggggggggggggggg riinnnnnnnnggggggg

vibrrrrratttte oh yeahhhh :slight_smile:

Mine is the “beep beep beep beep” sound 24 makes before and after a commercial.

My ring tone is called provincial, I cant use anything else cause I will never hear it and motorola’s eill not ring and vibrate at the same time. Did I mention I hate motorola phones, I want my old Nokia back.

The only reason I liked my sprint phone is I could download packages (3.99 for ringtones) and whatnot. Then because I had Vision it’d get credited to my account so I never really paid for them.

Then I bought a cheap POS nokia when I went back to Centennial after my sprint phone kept dying and constantly dropping signal.

im single by natasha beddingfield

I’m forever blowing bubbles, the West Ham song:) Oh and before you ask, it has nothing to do with Michael Jackson!:wink:

i have two ringtones currently… teh first one is “Popcorn(crazy frog remix)” adn the secodn oen is “the dolly song” which is set to a specific person :slight_smile: i love havign seperate ringtones for each person… helps me know who i’m talkign to before i answer

My best friend Charlotte recorded all her close friends saying something, so when they call her it sounds like they’re calling her from inside (“Charlotte! It’s Leland! Talk to me!”). Haha

My phone is usually set to vibrate. I always get embarrassed when my phone rings for some reason. It seems really obnoxious.

ok well i got mine…it’s URGENT by foreigner :smiley:

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

“Prayer of the Refugee” by Rise Against for my parents, “Tears Don’t Fall” by Bullet For My Valentine is the generic one, “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Atreyu for my sister, and “Cupid’s Chokehold” by Gym Class Heroes for Brice.

ahh i love cupids chokehold!

Red Red Wine

If any of my family members call from Alabama its “Sweet Home Alabama”. If its my wife its Nickelbacks “Far Away” and everyone else is that song from CSI by The Who.

I got a verizon phone i think its pay by the minute or something like that. Its just a cell phone ringtone that came with its called uhh… Cant find where the ringtone setting is now.