OMG, my bestest surprised me by showing up in town today!!! She moved several states away a while back and I haven’t seen her since early January. Funny thing is I had just texted her the other day asking her when she was gonna get her ass down here to visit me and she gave me this long spill about how it was tourist season and the restaurant her and her girlfriend work at was gonna be way too busy and it would probably be October or so before they could visit. Little did I know they were actually already on their way here when she text me that!!!

So yeah, we went out for a fun night of Queeroke. There was some drama (damn lesbians, they ALWAYS have some drama) w/ an ex but we broke it up before it got too physical and after that it was smooth sailing (mostly b/c psycho left shortly thereafter).

So anywho…yay, I love my bestie!!! :smiley:

P.S. I realize that first paragraph was one huge run on sentence…sorry. :frowning:

That’s ok, happy to hearyour good news girly :smiley:

Glad you had fun Tasha

Though obviously your evening did nothing to help the people that suffer daily with haemmerhoids

Gotta love suprises like that!

kinda like when someone says they are going to “slip into something more comfortable” and you end up like Joey from friends…naked in the living room…and the other person puts on sweat pants?

[SIZE=1]that never happened to me…but every guys worst nightmare for sure!!![/SIZE]

nice surprise

What a great surprise for sure!

Im glad you had a good time. Sorry Zach and I couldnt come out. I didnt get your text until this morning… Its probably a good thing though becuz Zach and I had a HUGE blow out (this is after I appoligized for what we talked about…)… SO it would of been straight people drama too. lol

:D:nod: i understood every word…sounds like you had a great time and the drama even made for an adventure. lmao

Thats great :slight_smile:

[quote=“Tyler Durden, post: 1097485”]Glad you had fun Tasha

Though obviously your evening did nothing to help the people that suffer daily with haemmerhoids[/QUOTE]
I’m sorry.

Would it help if I passed you this…


I aims to please.

Whoops…didn’t see this post until now. That would’ve helped when I asked you earlier today about it. LOL

:thumbup I found a site that seems nice and friendly.Thanx guys :willy_nilly: