YD Chatbox


I’ve installed a chatbox for YD. It’s still fairly new and might have a few bugs. You’ll see it on the top right of your page.

On my iPhone 7 using Chrome it works fine. Please let me know if have issues and what OS/browser you are using.

The same exact rules of YD forum apply to the Chatbox. Please do not abuse, otherwise you’ll be removed from the chatbox. If it gets too crazy I’ll just take the entire thing down.

Thanks and enjoy.


Also, feel free to PM me to be removed from the chat.


This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.


Would it be possible (I know you’ve worked hard for this so don’t worry)… but to be able to form group chats etc?


I’m working on a plugin that extends your PMs out as chat groups for that.

There can be different chat groups created but I don’t want it to get too messy.


lol, so the lounge is pretty much dead now or what?


Only time will tell.


Can this not happen?

Buttons (surely?) don’t need to shift if it’s dropping down. And if they do, can the notifications go with it?


Desktop or mobile?





Mac Sierra (I think)



Can you try chrome? Will check Safari.


My Safari seems to work fine…

Assuming yours is the latest version? Try clearing cache?


Yeah it is, and I have, but it still happens.

It only seems to occur when I’m at the top of a page, once I scroll down it works fine. If that helps at all.



Dunno if it’s a me problem or a you problem but I can’t send messages while using YD on the phone


Messages as in private messages or chatbox?


Chat box.


It just looks like this with no way to input text @shaz


I can input text, but I can’t send it.


Yeah seems to be a problem for some people using android. Can you try landscape mode? Also are you using chrome on your phone? Is there another web browser you can try it with?


I’m using an iPhone 6s. Landscape mode doesn’t fix it, and I’m not using Chrome. I’ve been using Safari.