YD Clubs


Hey guys!

Just suggesting that some of us form a fun club that we can all interact in, have fun, chat a bit, have some banter, you know the general shindig, let’s get this community rolling.

No club requirements, except that we need you to make this picture your profile picture.

What can I say? Haha. We all like communist looking cats, aren’t they cute?




im in creamy


Well with this sudden growth in our membership, I think we need some kind of catchy tune, you know, just for fun.



The syndicalist side of me is so triggered right now.



I noticed the suggested profile picture. I can’t help but ask that I may join this club?


One of us.


How do you feel about the Jews? I personally agree with Proudhon that we should deport them all to Asia.


@Frankie Why are you editing my OP? This isn’t site feedback, this is in personal discussions because it’s a personal club, please move it back.

Also, I’d appreciate it if you actually bothered to ask a thread holder before moving it to clarify the purpose. This lack of concern for the views of the users furthers our concerns.


Also, @Frankie, by putting this here you’re hiding it from public view on the main list.

Can you stop censoring us, please?





@Frankie I have moved this thread back to its rightful place, any further censorship will be called out.



Somebody deleted my post about creating a new forum. The External Jew is feeling threatened :slight_smile:









Literally every poster has a fucking cat pic now.


Not all heroes wear capes, Comrade Mobutu.


Some grow whiskers instead.