YD feedback thread


Any feedback you have at all, put it here. I’ll address all feedback personally when I’m home from work.


Ok, not that i am defending @martina , but we would like to know the process of she was banned under if possible to make sure if there was no foul play here or not ie lapse of judgement perhaps, as the precedent she was banned at could be applied to alot of members who would not deserve it (ive literally turned around and called people c*nts here before for example, but i dont think anyone wants me banned for that) . Or at least the judgement process that led up to it to make sure it is just. For both precedence etc.


Also will you or will you not fill the mod team with socialists wink wink :wink: become a tankie


I was against Martina being banned, there was no discussion had with staff, frankie just did it.

Would like feedback about her banning.


is there any point in unbanning


i mena they also constantly resorted to ad hominems and “insults” which ig is against the site rules or something


Ok firstly martina was a dumbass, there is no getting around that. I don’t blame @Frankie for wanting to do that, but you have to have a higher standard when in charge than that of an ordinary individual and be willing to stomach what is basically cancer sometimes (pretty much constantly with Martina, bloody hell how can someone be that idiotic).

It is also genuinely doubtful whether she was here to debate, Martina has NEVER conceded on anything, and even when beaten usually shovels it back to whoever made the point against her. Without any sound justifacation either. I don’t think she has ever actually won an argument on here before, not because of bad luck or just ideology but because she spends 90% of the debate insulting, performing character assassination and outright attacking her adversary rather than actually debating, we insult each other when we see something stupid, we dont insult each other for absolutely no reason, which the majority of the time she did, she considered the damn term liberal an insult, see how many times she’s used it in her post history often unprovoked.


but it is :slight_smile:


Ok, to us socialists yeh sure, but in the context of a universal political forum that ranges from the most hardcore white nationalist to the most ardent ancom, it doesn’t suit the context right.

P.s Oh you :slight_smile:


Yeah I think the reasons behind the banning need to be looked over for the sake of precedence as as @SovietMog stated many on here could be banned for similar reasons.

That said I actually enjoyed the presence of Martina. She was one of the few consistent Right-wingers on here, I would rather argue with someone who uses more intellectual arguments, but in the absence of that Martina will do. I also found it very hard to be insulted by her language purely because it was so ridiculous.


Now that the only people who actually cared enough about ‘insults’ from Martina have left I think we should unban ASAP.


rightist revolution now


far right representation in YD adminship?


Political position is never and will never be taken into account for staff positions


Martina has been unbanned btw


Good move.

On another subject though, I would recommend that the leadership up the recruitment efforts. Go shill on other platforms if that is what it comes down to, but this forum could be much bigger with some well-driven effort.


I plan on it.


Cool; I hope to see you act on it.


it’s because Corbyn got more seats than expected, hence the belief was ‘we don’t neeed to listen to Right-wingers any more’ IOW fake censorship


Except it wasn’t really, because that was the belief of one out of the seven mods at the time you were banned, and said staff member who banned you isn’t even staff anymore.