YD feedback thread


lol, Martina is back in town!:innocent:


What the fuck are you on about


what I’m saying is that now with the ‘success’ of the left, it means the right wing voice will be tolerated even less!


When i was right wing i was never punished by the moderators for expressing my point of view, on labour or on other left wing movements.

You were banned because you were spewing absolutely mindless bullshit that pisses off virtually everyone here, including again myself when i was right wing. This isn’t about suppressing your political opinions or the most far right and anti socialist individual here would be more likely to be suppressed then you.


it’s not mindless at all - look at the post that got Martina banned, saying that the masses were dumb to vote for free stuff, it’s the truth, because it’s unrealtic to beleive the BS that Corbyn is offering


Why is martina talking in third person

Martina you were banned for almost all your dumbass posts, this one was the one that made her actually swing the hammer in anger. It takes a politically illiterate individual to really believe genuinely that the people rejected the conservative manifesto in favour of labours because of “free stuff”.

The conservatives planned to severely damadge some pretty important stuff like the Internet Martina, they wanted to end lunches for kids at schools for fucks sakes. KIDS , Their manifesto might has well as read “We need to drink your blood to sustain ourselves”.


Oh, I dunno, why is SovietMog one day a Rightinst then a Leftie Commie - prob a Ukipper in real life methinks…


Parents can pay £2 for their kids’ lunches , otherwise they are not fit to be parents - for those on benefits could prob get an exception


I still need a citation on that it’s that amount of money, 2*5 is 10, the average family is 2-3 kids, a month, and that’s assuming its that low. The state likely can do it cheaper as well due to bulk buying power. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up costing the family 4-5 pounds what it costs the state 2 pounds to do because of resellers markup and the associated extra labour required for that.


That’s not the post that got you banned, you got banned because your posts are low quality, I just didn’t agree that was a good reason to ban you since the staff team is under the belief you are just not that good at debating properly.


You know too little about my views back then or now, and you are currently too politically illiterate for me to explain (without wasting my time) how I transitioned from the right to the left, if this was literally anyone else I would tell them exactly how, because i know it would not fall on deff ears unlike yourself.


@SovietMog @Martina enough