YD RP Plausibility Survey


Just a thread to gauge the interest in an RP for the site.

First poll:
Would you like to see some form of RP on YouthDebates?

  • Yes
  • No

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Second poll:
What kind of RP would you prefer?

  • RP a present day nation - e.g. MHoC
  • RP a created nation - e.g. Atlantis (previous RP)
  • UN RP - where users take the role of a country
  • Historical RP - RP a nation at some previous point in history
  • Other (comment below)

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Well this worked


In i ride to break the tie.


@Flavia if you didn’t see it

The Lounge
The Lounge

unrp or die

i want based finland


UNRP please xxxxx


although i wouldn’t play it, if theres a demand let people do whatever they want


@Nationalist_Libertarian if there was an Atlantis Senate you could have a National Libertarian Party.


While I’m fairly sure I still have the proposal me and @Chrome (the rest of us are no more RIP) made on the old forum for a UNRP, I will point out how much more difficult it is to layout the groundwork for it to work. Especially with the small user base we currently have.


I still think that the UN role play is a good idea.


I think it’d die but if we have one I vote UN RP


The issue is realism.

For example, Josh becoming Finland and then establishing himself as the divine ruling monarch is wildly unrealistic in Finland, but not say, Saudi Arabia.

You also have the issue of wars et cetera, the cunt who gets the USA quite clearly has a massive advantage here, and could dick over the entire RP quite easily.

Edit: you also have the issue of elections - the Conservatives aren’t in power all the time in the UK. Factoring that into the RP is near on impossible with a small community.

Codifying this would be a hugely tricky task, and the speakers (of which I very much fancy being, even if we choose a UNRP) would have a lot of work to do once it was established.


Speakers would moderate the likelihood of things happening in that case.



For the UN-RP, maybe we could all elect the moderators, and have all actions approved by them?


True. But there’s still the issue of national elections, unless we completely disregard national politics - which I think would make the RP more boring.

And if we keep national politics, then the mods would have to RP each users individual nation, as well as the international community. It’s a lot of work.

And as a site note, I sweat Reddit had an MUN RP which they then ended because it didn’t work?


True that is a lot of work


nordic buddies


@bandy vote pls



i was gonna say, we could run it like they do MUNs what in the real world yknow
I’m not exactly the one with experience with that but it can’t be too hard to do so