YD RP Plausibility Survey


Y u do dis

I want Atlantis

But yeah, that would work.


What do you think?

So instead of RPing a nation, the speakers would create scenarios for you all to wank over, until it had played out. Then we reset, maybe change nations, and go again with another scenario.

At least I think that’s what @bandy means


i mean we can totally do that but Atlantis is a shit ton of work and has failed a shit ton of times in the past
that being said
all the LLP fetishism has me hyped to be a senator with @Flavia
tempted to change my vote idk

yeah probably ig

possible: run scenarios like that but carry the countries over, so everyone keeps the same nations and scenarios are built in reaction to the previous scenarios that have occured

then at some point we just give in and make it powered by the apocalypse


I know you all want this beauty back

I joke, it’s a horrible flag. But you know what I mean


"horrible flag"
all ya need to do is make it so the top doesn’t clip the fucking diamond and you’re good to go


It always fell apart when I wasn’t there I seem to remember

Just saying



don’t look at me like that


That sounds like a better idea, I would imagine a forum game based off of real countries would get boring pretty quick, and then we’d have nothing to wank over.


just a note:
last time we tried to RP as nations it crashed pretty quickly

then again kave did abandon us
but at the same time he was pretty shit as a gm

just something to remember


I’m pretty sure an MUN would be based off real countries


no we’re basing them off kingdoms in middle-earth


Now we’re talking




I could carry on making them all night

I live for this shite

Hence I think I’d be okay at speakering




If it did die and I was a speaker, at least we’d die with pretty Atlantis maps


I think you should let @shifty_ginosaji design the scale and geography



I was counting on him doing that actually geographical bits

I’d just make them look nice


Looking through all my old Atlantis files

The memories


Fair enough i guess, I know why your suggesting this, as you want the atlantis rp, very well then. I will vote in this manner.