Yesterdays cold fun

*note: btw, these are all thumbnails so if you click on them you’ll get a bigger view.

So it was such a nice day yesterday we took a break from working on the house with the grease fire and headed out to our cottage. and then took a longer drive and ended up at some falls as well…

this is from the back deck of the cottage overlooking our beach. My husband, son and dog in the background.

Thats me, my son and the dog on our beach…look what the ice did to the dock. lmao

this is Chippewa Falls…one of my favourite places to take a hike, fish and just relax watching the falls.

See the red dots in the backgrounds? those are people fishing…so you can see just how big this place really is.

Under the bridge…where the ice is dries up later on and we fish from there.

Canada looks very cold!

its was very cold yesterday…even with the temp reading+6C. It was the wind off the lake that was terribly cold. We kept passing the dog off so we could take turns warming our hands up. LOL Hard to believe in another two months it’ll be 100F or more on that beach.

+6 is still very chilly. I’d be cold in that.

Great pics. I dunno if I cold deal with the cold your all still getting. When does it usually warm up for you?

those are some great pics! I wish I had a pretty place to go to like that!

Well this is a first in many many years that we have had such a cold winter…usually the ice on the lake is gone by now…the last time we had ice like this was in 1929 apparently. June, end of May is when we usually begin to have nights where the temp is above frost…but with the lake as frozen as it is I wouldn’t be surprised if we get frost well into mid June.:eek:yuk I can tell you this much…it will be a very cold swim this year int that lake. As I can’t see it warming up much.

[quote=“vshayes, post: 1092020”]those are some great pics! I wish I had a pretty place to go to like that![/quote]Thanks V! IT really is a lovely and relaxing place to spend the summer months.:nod:

Lovely pictures!

Come on summer! :smiley:

Beautiful shots!

thank you

Very nice Elsa.

It was +15C here yesterday… Tee weather and shorts :smiley:

Wow Great pics :slight_smile: