Yet again


this has been asked so many times, so much so i feared if i put the topic on the subject line people would ignore it… anyway - as many have advised i am pretty decided that if i get gears it will be 4.10s. given that most of driving is around town and stuff, this is fine. however, when i DO get oh the highway, i like to enjoy it - will 4.10s suck on the highway? thats basically my question… i dont want to be overrevving everytime i want to pass someone (using the passing lane of course :slight_smile: )


you will rev kinda high, higher than 5sp`cars


They wont be too bad. I think youll enjoy em. Ive got 4:56s in mine. :gears


meaning what? ive never been in one of the 5spds so i cant really relate.
i just keep thinking i will regret getting 373s, but if i got 410s i might not enjoy the highway anymore (and need to fill up on gas twice as often)

also, why do people always say it wont affect milaege that much in city driving?

They w.ont be too bad. I think youll enjoy em. Ive got 4:56s in mine

and you drive on the highway with those? hows that work out for you


kinda hard on the gas mileage but youre always in your powerband.


do you watch the needle steadily move down? hehe.
Thats my question actually - i already get crappy mileage around town anyway

(driving around one night is like a quarter tank - if i drive too hard before its warmed up, i can lose 1/8 in like 15/30 minutes - but then again i think my gauge is a little messed up since ill drive, it will go down 1/4, then ill get in the car later and it will go up 1/8 from when i last saw it…)

so while i dont mind a little worse mileage, i dont want tio be filling it up every 2 nights :dunno


What kind of mph are you running and for how long at a time? Because if youre going to be running a steady 70 mph for 30 minutes at a time, I probably wouldnt go with 4:10s. But if youre only making short shots on the expressway, theyll be aight. :smiley:


Like he said… if you drive on the highway A LOT and do steady 70 miles per hour, I wouldn’t do it. If you have enough POWER in your car, the 4.10s won’t make your car any less enjoyable… Also, if you have it dynoed and depending on whats done to it, you could probably move the power band a little bit and move the rev limiter higher… Although I really don’t think 4.10s will hurt you! :gears


based on that info mayeb i should reconsider then - the hting is, im not on the highway ‘all the time’ but when i am its definitely not uncommon to hit 70 or 80 depending on the situation. in that case woud 373s be good or would i have the same problem?

as far as power, its a v6, not anything major done to it - so there isnt any godlike amount of power coming out of it - i just want tomake it a little more fun to drive.


Hitting 70-80 mph isnt the problem. The thing is, you dont want to be running 70-80 mph at 4000 rpm for 30-45 mins at a time. It wont hurt to do it from one on ramp to a few down the road, but you dont want to try to make a 40 mile trip on the expressway with em. Does that make sense?


yeah i see what youre saying. a few times in the summer im sure i will be driving from brooklyn to jersey (ocean township area, near the monmoth mall) and i know i would be doing 70-80 most of the time when theres no traffic - so i shuold go with something less aggressive i assume. are 373s ok or are they subject to the same issue. (and will i feel the kick?)


Whether or not you will “feel the kick” depends on what gears you have already. If you currently have 2:73s or 3:08s you will feel big difference in the 3:73s. If your car came with 3:55s or something close to that there wont be a huge difference, maybe not even noticeable. If that is the case you might want to consider going ahead with the 4:10s. 3:73s tend to be a better “all around” gear. They are low enough to take good advantage of your available power, yet high enough to drive everyday on the interstate without abusing your motor. 4:10s on the other hand are just too low to run on the interstate everyday and are borderline low for in town driving too. You just have to chose according to your needs.


well, I have whatever is stock with the 03 v6. 273s i think but i could be wrong?


If thats the case, I would recomend the 3:73s. I think 4:10s would be a bit extreme. I think you will be very very well pleased with 3:73s if you currently have 2:73s.


i asked hrnb about this too, sinc ehe also has a v6 with 4.10s in it, and he said he keeps at about 2000rpm at 70mph with them. that doesnt seem too bad… thats with overdrive on

how about that?


If you have an auto with overdrive it wont be too bad. It all depends on what you want from your car. If you plan on running at the track alot then 4.10s are a good choice. If you are just looking for good street performance then get gears that are a little more moderate like 3:73s.
If you have an auto trans then considor getting a good shift kit. Transgo
or B&M. That will help you with rolling hole shots.


i dont think ill be at the track, but i want it to be as fun as possible to drive. since most ofr my driving is in ‘town’, i dont mind a little less fun on the highway, as long as its not horrible.


just to add to the previous post, so with OD and all, 4.10s would be ok? so far the only opinion i have (based on real ‘experience’ with my car) is HRNB - he was all for 4.10s

also, if i do go 4.10s, what was that deal with the cross shaft? i dont konw what it is, but ive seen postings that say with 4.10s this is required?