Your daily driver


my dd is my only car: 99 stang v6. should this be a pic thread?


i drive 1995 acura legend, everything stock but the sound system.


2atlantic: yep, pics would be nice!


I drive an 01 ford escape. :slight_smile:



the danger ranger baby…go watch the Vid


my pics are in my showcase too. everyone should make a showcase whether it be personal or auto related. i need to add some personal stuff to mine later.

a lot of fords so far…


Hmmm, I think you meant personal gallery not a showcase. but i can’t see any pics in the gallery either :dunno check it


i meant showcae, just on another site…


SICK RIDE atlantic!


thanks man


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Thanks hurt

(im saying thank you because mine looks basically like his :smiley: )


oh you guys are lucky! and I have to drive some shitty Legend ( :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: i love my ride)


you just need the wheels art. hey art, is your car lowered too?


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:rofl I forgot all about that vid. Good times hahaha


for those who haven’t seen the danger ranger…take a gander


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not lowered, i havent gotten new springs yet. im snot sure what to do about that since where i live we have some pretty bad streets, plus its a vert, so im not sure if id like the effects (well the look would be nice but the stiffness may be an issue).
i was looking at the prokits. or maybe steeda.
which reminds me, i have to go learn the difference between progressive and linear rate springs…


My daily:


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[quote=2000Si]My daily:[/quote]

hey look, its trying to change its appearance :dunno


Can’t go to bed without a blanket, can ya? :smiley:


nope :hump


1991 chevrolet s-10 2.8l. :frowning: