Your opinion on exhaust


I’ve been trying to narrow the exhaust system that i want down and i found this flowmaster kit but im wondering if 2.5" pipes looks good, I’ve seen 3" and they look good but im still unsure about 2.5".
What do yall think?

This is the kit.


I would buy the kit from


heres the deal with the kit you are checkin out… it isnt stainless stell. it will eventually rust. 5 years? it is rusty… the tips wont rust, 2.5" pipes will give more flow than the stock 2.25" pipes. the 3" tips are for looks. i have 3" tips on my car, youve seen them. and 2.5 inch pipes. you only see the actual pipes when you look under the car. for performance, get nothing bigger than 2.5" pipes and i wouldnt go bigger than 3" tips. for the money… well i payed 50 bucks less than lmperformance advertises for that setup (not including 40 bucks shipping) so i payed like 100 bucks less for SS pipes and axle back polished SS tips and magnaflows… atleast that kit is mandrel bent. i wouldnt buy it honestly. it isnt SS.

heres what i would do… call or email nino and see if the magnaflow catback for 99-04 v6 is compatible with 98 v6. my assumption is it is. if it is, i would buy the magnaflow cat back for 350 shipped. and if you love the sound of flowmasters… buy the muffs and weld them in then sell the magnaflow muffs on ebay.

bottom line-
DO get SS pipes
DO get 2.5" pipes
DO get mandrel bent tubing

DO NOT get ripped off.

DO call nino when you are ready to order and say there is a group buy at Mustang Forums or some BS- just to hook him, and say you can get what you want for 100 bucks under advertised price, but youd have to pay shipping. he will throw in free shipping and you got yourself a hell of a good deal!


If your looking for a bolt on, Spintech has a BAD ASS bolt up to the Y pipe system for around 450 bux. I heard it and it’s sweet! Bout I loke my dual Flowmasters, so I’m getting the Spintech GT side exhaust pipes and keeping my Flows.