Your Type of Music


What’s your favorite type? I’m more of a rock, but I like some of the softer stuff some rock artists have done. I’m also down for alternative, a weeeeeee little bit of country and even some rap. Mostly though I listen to Fort Waynes “rock station”.


you left out pop!! :frowning: I like all of it except country and western…


I had pop in there, along with like 8 other selections… but I could only do 5 poll options! lol

I sink dat has somethin’ to do wif teh admins… hmmm :smiley:


rock n roll babay


Well I’m all into all kinds of metal, but I guess that goes under rock.


rap and r&b :banana



no choice for it so i went with rock although i am known to listen to just about anything in my truck really. as long as its cool to cruise to.




when it comes to music im middle of the road. i like alot of different types.

SOME rap- i like will smith, 2pac and eminem when i need a good laugh

i like 80’s rock alot(poisen,whitesnake,

i love the oldies. i grew up with that most of my life

soft rock( the peeps on this site in my area probally heard B101)

i also like the bands motorhead(HHH’s entrace theme could of been my anthem when i was in school, disturbed is awesome too(down with the sickness) :rock greenday was awesome back when i was in 6th grade and there awesome now.

theres more but you get the idea


I have that Disturbed album…

(The Sickness I beleive.)


I am a rude girl at heart (ska)