You're a historian from the year 2317... how do you summarize 2001-2017?


Imagine it’s 2317, and you’re a historian, and you’ve been tasked to briefly describe 2001-2017 (in the entire world or a specific country). What do you say?


One god damn thing after another…

“The Destruction of Independent Nations in the Name of ‘Liberty’”



Half of it was good liberalism.

In terms of US


shit happened, people got mad


The rapid expansion of internet technology allowed for greater communication around the world, ramping up the globalisation that had started in the previous century and drawing the world together. Economic instability, neoliberalism and consumerism expand, whilst the financial crises of the period cause a resurgence of Keynsian economics. The environment becomes increasingly affected by human over-consumption and the importation of hyper-consumerist society to other parts of the world. The US continue it’s global economic hegemony, but now faces new rivals in the BRIC group, and continue it’s hostile and interventionist foreign policy, creating war, strife and terrorism in the Middle East. In the west political apathy and illiteracy, polarisation, populism and xenophobia take root.


in 2001, hours after the twin towers fell, a man bragged publicly about how his building was now the tallest in manhattan

in 2017, that man is now president


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