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A new animal handler for Utah’s Hogle Zoo! I’m so excited! After I am trained this spring I’ll be able to take live animals out to talk to people. Like oppussums, snales, and exotic birds. And it’s a permit I can use to become an animal rehabiliatator as well!

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Grats, Bri!! That’s very exciting! :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great job, and fun! Congratz!!! :thumbup

Congrats to you! :slight_smile:

cool. have fun!

lol snales! I met snakes :wink:

thats fantastic

Once you learn how to put animal down, PM me the details, I have plans for the dog

And congrats!!!

What? Do you mean like how to shoot a dog, or how to set it down? lol I don’t think they teach us how to euthinize stuff. so…

No!! Not a dog, the dog. As in canidae, and you’re right, i could just shoot him ol yeller style.

Thanks!! :thumbup

I wonder if they’ll teach us gunmanship in my vet tech class…


Cool! Congratulations! :thumbup

Congrats, that’s awesome!! :smiley:

Wow congratulations hunny

Congrats! :slight_smile: