YouthDebates Community Feedback - April


Hey guys.

As @Frankie wants monthly reports on the state of the community from myself now that I’m Community Representative, I thought I’d make a survey to gather all of your opinions as to the current state of the site, its management, how it could be improved, etc.

So please feel free to fill out the survey below; it’s completely anonymous by the way. :slight_smile:

[Link removed by Shaz]
[Comment by Shaz 12:38AM EST 4/25/2017] @Josh_Waller if you add the link back in again I will remove you as community rep.



Please reach out to me and Frankie in a PM before you post community feedback surveys. I’m not sure who gave you the clearance to post this or these questions without approval of them beforehand. @Frankie was this approved by you?

Let’s figure out a proper approach to this to make sure we get maximum value out of our communities time. In the meantime I am going to remove the link until we discuss.


I’m not sure of the need for this? A spot survey allows for an immediate response of the community’s opinion, I’m not a member of staff and my individual pieces of work don’t need to be pre-checked by staff.

I’m meant to be an intermediary between the staff and the community, I’m simply doing my job and unless you have an issue with what I’m doing (which you’re free to contact me about), I’d rather you allowed me to get on with my job.


Your position is new and not entirely defined yet, however the way I see things you need to work with both the community and staff. I’m sure you’re doing this for the good of the forum but I don’t agree entirely with the questions themselves nor the way you phrased them so collaboration on the survey with us is needed going forward.

I will reach out to you today when I have some down time to go over each of the questions. Once we agree you are free to repost.


This position is useless if it’s going to be completely moderated and micromanaged by staff, I’m more than capable of asking questions, analysing them and accomplishing a great deal with the information I collate from them.

This is for my personal use to make my monthly report for @Frankie, it has no impact on the running of the forum or anything similar, so I don’t see the need for this censorship.

My primary theory is that you don’t like the idea of an official poll showing questions that allow the userbase to express a dislike of the way the site is doing / is run / certain staff members. I’m sorry, but part of running a forum is knowing if people think you’re going in the wrong direction, and you need to be able to accept that.


I don’t need you to tell me how to run my forum and you are free to make up whatever theories you want.

I’m not commenting any further. I have kindly told you the next steps. If you are not interested in this position anymore because you feel “moderated and micromanaged” by the owner of the forum, please let us know and we’ll find a replacement.



Well according to a vote of the member base, you need someone to help.


Lol, the community doesn’t need permission from you or Frankie to voice its opinion on the state of the staff team.


I don’t see why this even relates to @Shaz, I’m posting a survey to use as a basis for a message to Frankie…


We do, but have zero interest in your help if you aren’t willing to work with me and bark at the slightest bit of authority or feedback.

As I said, I’m willing to work with you so I’ll reach out later today to go through these questions and repost when we are in agreement of them. I look forward to you being a true intermediary.



I’m more than happy to work with you, but you unilaterally censored a survey that is only for the purpose of me writing a monthly report because you’re paranoid about the results.

Not good.


Awesome, let’s work together then.

IF you really knew me you’d know YD is the last thing I’m paranoid about :joy:

I’ll reach out to you later today, heading out for a flight.


You always do this, selectively quoting material then not reply to the main issue.

You’re not constructive at all, despite the appearance you try to give out, and that reflects in these results.


@josh_waller You readded the link when I specifically said we will talk about this together and move forward with the feedback.

Consider this your one and only warning. If you do this again I will remove you as community rep and suspend your account.




Are you actually kidding right now?

The provisions created for removing the Community Rep do not include you getting pissy and removing the Community Rep yourself. A majority of staff have to have an issue with his actions and the forum has to vote to remove him.


Which site rules am I breaking?


Oh hey you exist.


Wow this spiraled out of control fast, one week, one week , and he’s already being threatened with getting kicked off his role of which he was elected to do.