YouthDebates Community Feedback - April



My feedback has been sent to you. Look forward to your response.


So Waller’s job is to represent the community and it’s opinions towards the site. He is asked for reports of the state of the community.

He is asked to provide reports on behalf of the community. He asks the community to voice their opinions and is told not to.

Staff = dumb as shit

But yeah, that link which is still accessible in edits (lol) is kinda unnecessary.


I don’t really want to push myself into this, but I don’t see what @Josh_Waller is exactly doing wrong?

He was made Community representative and yet, all he wanted to do was to build a survey which can be passed over to Frankie and the rest of the staff so they can see what can be improved in the upcoming months. I’m sure he’s not telling you how to run your forum.

I get it. You have an important role in YD, but I don’t see anywhere in the original post where it states that you were mentioned? It was strictly for the purpose of Josh and @Frankie.

Also, I really don’t believe that it’s a suitable punishment to just take away his role and suspend his account because he was doing his job that he was given.

But hey, each to their own.


Yeah, looking at this feedback and the fact @Shaz is getting staff to do my job in rewriting it, it looks like a sad attempt to subvert democracy and just get the questions @Shaz wants, managing me out.

This is what happens when you have someone power-hungry who doesn’t care in-charge of the forum.


Should probably wait until you see what kind of changes he proposes to the questions before throwing around things like this, especially if you’re supposed to act as the bridge between staff & regular user.


I’ve seen the changes, it’s literally analysing every question, posing a list of questions at the bottom, etc. There’s no point in the role if I don’t have freedom to exercise it.


>inb4 waller gets perma banned

(because we all know that’s the only way he’s going to stop being a thorn ;))


Hi @alisha - Welcome to YD and thanks for your feedback. I have noticed your participation and we are happy to have you join our community. I’ve answered your questions below however I’m not looking to go back and forth on this as it’s not productive. I’ve already sent @Josh_Waller my feedback on his questions and look forward to posting a survey that will give better feedback for the staff and myself.

I removed the link and asked him to speak with me about the questions that were asked before posting it live for everyone to vote. He went against my wishes and posted the link again. In the real world if your manager asks you not to do something before it’s been discussed and you do it anyway you should expect to be fired. In this case I gave him a warning.

I don’t have a problem with the survey, I have a problem with the way the questions were asked. When we launch a survey it’s in our best interest to get the best possible answers from our users. In my opinion the questions that were asked in this survey were not going to produce any actionable items for us to improve the community. It was a good start, but they can be improved through collaboration which is why I took the link down and sent him my feedback on the questions. Also going forward if there are going to be surveys made by a YD community representative about YD, I expect myself or a @frankie to be included in the creation of the survey and it’s questions. Neither of us were consulted before the survey was posted.

He did nothing wrong besides go against my wishes to take down the survey until we can work together on the questions that were asked in it. YD tends to make things a bigger deal than they are when there is the slightest bit of enforcement or feedback. You’ll get used to it :slight_smile:

I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to reach out via PM if you have anymore. Thank you.


So I spend the time to give you constructive feedback and you don’t want to listen to it because it goes against your drama-posing questions? You sure are doing a phenomenal job being the intermediary.

In my opinion you aren’t doing your what you were elected to do. I’m going to log off and give you till tonight to stop complaining and do the job of a community rep. I don’t see any replies from you for my comments, all I hear is bitching on this forum because you’re not getting your way.

If you don’t do your job, we’ll find someone who will.

Here is a link to my comments. I’m tired of your spoiled attitude @Josh_Waller :


You’re actually so blinded in the combative staff anti community attitude it blinds you to the fact I put up this survey to try and help staff improve. You don’t want questions like “What direction is the site going in?” and ranking staff members because you don’t want to see your agenda questions.

If I’m not allowed freedom in exercising my role and it’s micromanaged by the owner of the site, who hardly even comes on for anything, it just shows that there’s an attempt by yourself to manage me out of the role without causing much uproar by firing me or abolishing the role directly.

And this is the problem: you need to know if people are really displeased with how the forum is being run; you need to know if people think some staff members are exceedingly bad; or if some people should be removed. If you paint all the questions in a positive light then you’re not going to get an accurate image of the community’s views on a lot of subjects.

There’s no point micromanaging this, this is a private survey for me to write my monthly report to @Frankie, I don’t need your help in doing so.





This is why I voted for @oli


Your new,dont put yourself on the drama lama just yet, wait at least a month


The way @Shaz responded to @Josh_Waller 's post is exactly why many members have had a problem in the first place with staff, just saying. That will be the only “dramatic” post I will make though. If I said what I would really like to say, I would probably get banned.:ok_hand:t2:


It looks like the staff is trying to muzzle our community representative and therefore silence the community


#Viva La Revolución


We’re not trying to silence anyone. @shaz is trying to tailor to survey questions so we get the best feedback, and therefore are able to work off that and improve.



what a joke


“we’re not trying to silence anyone, we’re just threatening to ban you if you don’t say what we tell you to say”



I’m sorry but this frankly isn’t true.

I’ve been threatened with a week long ban and removal of my position for posting a survey (not even one that’s to be published) that I want to use to do my monthly report.

Shaz is attempting to create a narrative (remove questions that can quantify if people think certain staff are bad, whether the site is going in the right direction, etc) that suits his agenda and silences opposition; I just want a free and fair display of public opinion so my report can accurately reflect community opinion.