YouthDebates Community Feedback - April


@Josh_Waller Since I haven’t heard any feedback from you on the document I sent you and instead see you mainly complaining how you aren’t getting your way I am going to assume that you will be stepping down from your position as community manager by the end of the week.

Your original survey was more focused on gossip/drama than actual feedback to improve the forum. I’m not surprised by this, but I am very surprised at your attitude in response to my decision to not let you do as you please for a community that is not yours. i specifically asked you to work on me with this and instead you decide to come here and constantly complain.

Thanks for your short service and good luck in the real world with that attitude.


:flushed: wasn’t expecting that!!



when the owner arbitrarily redefined your elected role from “community representative” to “community manager” so he can apply his mid-level corporate management mentality to you in order to treat a debate forum like it’s a company


I’m afraid that isn’t the case, no, I won’t be stepping down by the end of the week. I was elected to do this job, and I intend to fulfil it.

That’s not really true though, is it? These questions are some of the ones we used back when myself and @Frankie were on the staff team together, including the ones on likability and rating staff performance.

The fact you’re worried about “gossip” and “drama” from this survey just shows you’re scared of the results showing that people don’t think the forum is going in the right direction under your leadership, as well as certain staff members having very low relative approval.

I know right? Imagine if I had a brash and irrational attitude and did things without applying much brain power? I could do something as silly as waste a shed load of money on an overpriced internet forum.


you don’t own the community bruh, you own the platform


Bruh, you spent $16,000 on a forum which produces no income and you don’t even go on. You’re in no position to tell Waller about the real world.


congrats… you actually got people to support Waller


They’re not scared. They just don’t want, as @Frankie puts it, the “shit-flinging”.


That’s ironic.


That’s very good, but I’ve been confused this whole time as to how an anonymous survey with questions asking about staff members’ performance, whether or not you like the direction the site is taking, and other comments you may have can really cause shit-flinging. It doesn’t seem to make sense to consider something like all that as being “more focused on gossip/drama than actual feedback” as @shaz put it, since rating the staffs’ performance should give the staff a heads-up as to how the community feels about that certain person, which may warrant looking into. Also, if the community generally answers that X staff member is a problem, then that should open up future discussions (with the community and the staff, with @Josh_Waller as the bridge, or something like that) that allow the community to air their grievances against that staff member. Ditto all this for the question about liking the direction the site is taking or not: if the community decides it’s great, then that should pave the way for more meaningful feedback in the future by asking the very simple question of what it is about the direction that people enjoy.

(Please understand that the entirety of this comment isn’t aimed at your posts specifically, I just saw a good way to get in with your post about not wanting shit-flinging)


Aye, I understand. That post about “shit-flinging” though, was sarcasm. Because they often deem even the mildest criticism as shit-flinging and get butthurt.


Hard boiled Politician.



I think we should give him a break…I’d be salty af too


So will another survey get posted, or what? Anyone want to say anything?


Yes. We’re reviewing questions ATM.