Yoville on facebook

anyone else addicted? maybe not to talking to the silly kids who give abuse n report u for no reason… but the fun of decorating houses n coins etc, lol the childish side of me coming out, but i can’t stay off it even tho i stick to my own mates on it hehe :24:

nope seemed shit tbh

I play it on Myspace.

didnt know myspace did it too lollol

I played it on myspace… got bored of it though. :\

theres a big hoo haa on there bout crews lol theres warnings not to add myspace ones as they can rob u of coins n furniture lmao

Haha wtf.
Facebook sucks.

i know lol bunch of 13 yr olds spreading rubbish LOL

Nopers Im addicted to Vampire Wars! :24:

Hey Beautiful PM me!