Yuppie women

I left my office in plenty of time to go by the bank and meet up with the lunch group. Since I was in a hurry I thought going thru the drive-thru was the way to get my banking done the quickest. The drive-thru has multiple lanes and I pulled right up. I took care of my deposit and was on my way or so I thought. The woman in the lane next to me got through just ahead of me. The exit from the parking lot is one lane in and one lane out. I pull behind her thinking I am about to leave. At the same moment another yuppie female is pulling into the bank parking lot. They know each other so they stop side by side at the entry and roll down their windows and proceed to have a conversation.:bangsheadonsteeringwheel: :willy_nilly::nod: I start waving my arms in a manner of move along…The yuppie number two sees me and pulls into the parking lot “Banking Barbie” pulled enough out of my way for me to get on my way and then back into the bank parking lot.:nod:

We get alot of those types around my neighborhood… gets bloody annoying

Obviously they had nowhere to be and all day to get there.:smiley:

… and your problem with this is? :smiley:


I can’t stand it when people do that! It’s really bad on campus. Someone driving will see someone they know walking and they’ll stop and chat. it’s just awful! Especially if you’re running late!

I find that if you just honk at them… or yell out something not very nice… or get all irritated and stuff… at least you will be proactive in your quest for continuing rushing to catch up.

I say chat on your own time. I kind of get annoyed when people do the same thing in shopping centers. I don’t mind if they’re not blocking the way but if they’re in a place i want to get to it irritates the shit out of me.

There is almost always a group of people who feels the need to stand in the doorway to the class I am trying to get into or out of while having their conversations. Doorways are most definitely NOT for conversations, people. I just always say excuse me and they move, but surely they notice?